Want to shoot Long Range?

We offer shooting weekends almost monthly.

Everyone from the "new hunter" to the experienced sports shooter and everyone who wants to push themselves and their rifle to 2 Miles (3218 m) are welcome.




Range 3200 m:

  • 100m paper zeroing target
  • 300m - 3200 m. Steel targets in 0.5-3 MOA in size 
  • Tall Target Test, MagnetoSpeed and Swarovski Spotting Scope available to shooters. 
  • Visual "Hit Indicators" from 600-3218 m
  • Kongsberg Electronic target system on range for 0.1 mm accuracy in drop. 
  • Windmarkers at every target
  • Caliber: All except .50BMG

Range 1 Mile or 1000 m: 

  • 100m paper zeroing target
  • 300m - 1540 m. Drop targets or steel targets 1.0-4 MOA in size
  • MagnetoSpeed, Swaroski Spotting Scope available to shooters
  • Many different barricades available to shooters to practices from. 
  • Windmarkers at every target
  • Caliber: Range 4(1000 m) and Range 3(1600 m) All calibers.
  • Range Ørbækvej(1000 m): Max .338LM

For all ranges:

  • All calibers allowed. Also .50BMG, but check specific range restrictions above.
  • Safety flags are mandatory. If you do not have one you can buy one for €10. 
  • No incendiary or tracers
  • Silencers and muzzle brakes allowed.
  • Semiauto allowed
  • All hunting and sports bullets allowed

Shooting times

  • Saturday from 0800-1800
  • Sunday from 0800-1400.
  • For the ELR shooters, you can book the range from 18 until the sun sets for 30€.
  • To be an ELR shooter you must have hit a target at minimum 1Mile.
  • To shoot ELR on Saturday from 18 until the sun goes down you must have booked a normal ticket for any of the ranges for Saturday 8-18 as well. 
  • Book "Range ELR Saturday 18-Sunset. ELR shooters only." 
Practical info

Rules for weapon permits in Denmark:

The ticket you receive after booking is your written invitation, which you must have in printed form when transporting weapons in Denmark. You also need EU Weapons Passport and the national weapons permit.

Each shooter has to book in his own name. If you are a group of shooters or a shooting club, then you can book with the same credit card, BUT you need to type in the name, address etc. for each shooter! This is due to Danish weapons transportation laws for foreign shooters.

Weapon transportation/transit rules in Germany

You need to have with you: 

In the car:

  • You have to have locks on the rifle bag/suitcase
  • Bolt must be in another bag
  • Ammunition must be in a separate box/bag which is locked and fastened to the car. For example use a lock with a long wire and attach it to a hook in the trunk. 

Link from the official German law:






Nearest Airport is Billund(BLL) only 40 km away from the range. 

Don't have VISA or Mastercard?

Banktransfer is also possible if you do not have a VISA or Mastercard, but you still need the ticket as your written invitation. Therefore, send your full name, address, telephone number, and e-mail to: contact@coldborerange.dk

Please transfer 4€ more than the total cost, due to Bank transfer and ticket fees. After the banktransfer is received (normally 3-5 bank days), we will send you the ticket from the website.

IBAN info:



Account owner: Riffeljaegerne Aarhus

Can my friend, fellow shooter or my wife come and shoot with my rifle using my ticket or do I have to pay two tickets? If it’s just for test firing, maximum 20 shots, then it is no problem to use just 1 ticket. We have to avoid blocking one slot with 2 people and 1 gun. Therefore, the 20 shoot rule.

Food and convenience store:

In the small town of Borris, only 2 km away from the range, there's a convenience store with opening hours 0800-2000 and a pizzaria which closes at 2100.

Creditcard  and euro's will be accepted everywhere in Denmark  


From 55€ (400 DKK).

Or the cheapest solution is to book the entire weekend for 135€ (1000 DKK).


Please type "Borris, Denmark" when using accommodation booking sites