Virus update

Update 10/08/2020:

Hey All Shooters

In Denmark we are in a “post-corona” setting where our country is opening up again but some functions in the Military still is on “standby” and there are a lot of changes on which units are using the terrain and the civilian corporation is not prioritized at the moment.

Therefore, we have had to cancel all weekends in August and first one in September.

Unfortunately, there are the same uncertainties about further cancellations BUT we really hope that this is the last cancellation for 2020.

Best regards
Thomas and Sandro

We are closely monitoring the situation. Please stay updated on our facebook ( and we will send out email with info for the weekend that are affected. 

Shooting dates

Dates for shooting weekends and events at the ColdBoreRange

Book and see all dates here as well:

Shooting options at ColdBoreRange. 

The area where we shoot is 30 km. in diameter. So there is plenty of space and gives us scalability options.

Depended on the need, we mostly use 5 different ranges: ELR range (3218m), 1 Mile range (1600m), 2x1000m ranges, 1x600m.

Are you a club and wish to have one range all by yourself, please write to us.

Remember we have Swarovski spotter scopes, chronographs, and a "Tall Target Test" you can use for free

If you have any questions, please write to us.
The most important is that you have a good time while you are shooting with us.

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